Roadmap 2022

Since October 2021 we’re working on this project and still have long ways to go to reach our grand vision. Rehab Resort is all about sustainability and longevity.
Here are the next steps for 2022! 👇

Collection of 25 OG NFTs – sold out

Collection of 1500 NFTs

Charity ❤️‍🩹

Finding a charity partner that we believe in and is open to collaborate

Team expansion 👥

Growing our team is key to growing bigger

DAO 🗳️

Holders will be able to vote on decisions.

Platform 🔧

Build a platform to help people with addiction and mental problems

New Collection 👀

We’re just getting started, and our quality is improving rapidly. 
Holders of previous collections will be rewarded.

Limited Merch 👕

Limited high quality Merch drop for our holders.