Rehab Resort NFT

Social NFTs secured by Bitcoin.


The goal of our collection called Rehab Resort is to help people with addiction and mental problems, which is why we donate 20% of our profit to charities.

The grand goal of our company Social Fungus is to build a sustainable company by creating different high quality projects which address and support various topics such as health, environment, etc. 

We’re always thriving to create the best products we can!


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A scientist from an intergalactic committee got the 25 most expendable people from different earth-like planets, whose inhabitants lost their highest good by the increasing digitization and mechanization: The creativity. No inhabitant is able to bring a single stroke from his mind on paper. By missing creativity, most inhabitants became drug addicts, in order to master the boring everyday life. The scientist made it his mission to develop a pill to bring creativity back into people. To do this, he brought those addicts to his newly created Rehab Resort. To be continued…

Welcome to Rehab Resort!


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Stacks connects to Bitcoin, enabling everyone to build apps, smart contracts, and digital assets that are integrated with Bitcoin’s security, capital, and network.

It enables DeFi, NFTs, apps, and smart contracts for Bitcoin.

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There are 25 different characters, each in many variations, resulting in 2500 individual NFTs including one OG Edition of each character.

OG Mint takes place on May 10th 2022!

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Join our Discord Server and have look in the #🕹┃how-to-get-wl text channel. 

Our Mintpass role is called “Prescription (WL)” by the way.

There are 100 OG Spots and 333 Prescription (WL) spots. You will see your role on Discord, and we’ll collect your wallet addresses on Discord as well.

Mint price will be 45 STX on private sale, where only”Prescription (WL)” and “OG” members can mint and 50 STX on public mint.

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“To sum it up, in PoX miners are not converting electricity into computing power to earn block rewards. They are instead leveraging the already mined bitcoin to transfer them to stackers. This approach harnesses Bitcoin Proof-of-Work without further environmental impact.”

 – Cristiano, Messari Hub, Dec. 9 2021